A Family Farming Collective

for Sustainably Derived Hemp, Grains, Crops and Specialty Products



The Evolution of Farming

Improved soil and farming practices coupled with a transparent supply chain equal better nutrition and increased health for all of us and our children.  

We have built and supported an organic and non-GMO zone of family run farms that have zero inputs of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers; all based on practices we have successfully implemented and taught others over the past 12 years. 

AgFamiliar is a co-op of farms working together across 1000s of acres providing a source of good, clean food and hemp locally produced by families while supporting rural communities. 

When you Know Your Farmer, You Know Your Food

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Efficient. Scalable. Defensible.

Established client-driven farming:

Our crops range from Rye, Corn, Wheat, Alfalfa and Field Pea, to Hemp for use in feed, fiber, and extracts.

Established co-op ecosystem:

We are experienced producers contributing land, labor and equipment across thousands of dedicated acres; locally situated to maximize efficient operations and logistics.

Our leadership team have decades of extensive experience in areas spanning sustainable farming, specialty crop and hemp cultivation, health care, medicine and impact driven businesses

All of our crops maximize value for niche clients while supporting local, rural communities and the environment.  


Together we can combat international industrial giants that are engulfing our food supply.  We can stand up to that onslaught.  We’ve blown a hole in our economy to save lives.  It's essential that our response ensures a renewed future for all our communities.




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